A change of tack……………time to come back!


So admittedly this I haven’t posted on this blog for nearly a year. The constraints of a tiny apartment in South Korea limited me greatly in my endeavors for culinary excellence!

However, I have now returned to Ireland…………for good I hope! A midst all the recessionary doom and gloom, austerity, unemployment and surprisingly hot summer I hope to bring some more delicious dishes made with my own  unique take.

One of the most refreshing things I have found upon my return is the abundance of farmers markets and food festivals popping up! Gone are the days of dried up roast beef and floury spuds. I hope to contribute to this food revolution in a positive manner and with some luck maybe one or two of you out there might try and do what I do and perhaps make it even better!

Be it good, bad or indifferent I hope to deliver some information on how to make some of my favourites. Everything from Thai to Italian food, BBQs and meaty to vegetarian and salad-y!

Keep a look out as I will be back here very soon with some delicious recipes for all to see.



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